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Refund Policy for WIN-VPS.COM

WIN-VPS.COM has developed and strictly adheres to the following refund policy for all of our services.

All requests for service cancellation must be submitted in writing and signed by customer within 14 days of service signup. Scan of signed cancellation letter must be sent to It will be necessary for the customer to provide the real well-grounded reason for canceling the service. Once we receive your written and signed explanation WIN-VPS.COM customer care team will check the problem to take a decision about refund.

As explained above refunds are issued for our services only when a request to cancel is submitted within 14 days of service signup. Customers who desire a refund on a prepaid amount will be re-billed at the regular price as opposed to the discount. Only 50% of this prepaid amount will be refunded because WIN-VPS.COM has incurred costs of various kinds in order to provide service to the customer.

Please note that if you have more than one service with us and only cancel one of the them, the refunded amount can not be transferred to any other of your services that you have with WIN-VPS.COM.

We reserve the right to refuse to refund in the case when our services are provided in accordance with the description on our website.


Alexander Karasev
Very pleased with your work and hope to proceed with our cooperation soon. Sincerely, Alexander.
Valery Rechkunov
Thank you for your excellent service. I am happy with your support and understanding. Everything works fine! Thanks again for your promptness.