Some of our customers report a problem when installing the MT4 terminal.

Clients are located in different geographical areas and data centers, use different brokers and are not connected in any way. We believe that this is a global problem.

The problem is probably related to issues on the brokers’ servers from which the installation is performed. Most likely the installer cannot download the final installation file.

At least  the following brokers have the issue:

Admiral Markets

IC Markets

TradeView Markets

and other ..… Markets,




We and our clients also noticed that the installer of MetaTrader 5 from the brokers listed above works good. So, this problem affects MetaTrader 4 installation only.

We strongly recommend that you contact your broker to inform them of the problem.

The issue has nothing to do with our service and its resolution depends only on your broker. We are ready to provide any kind of support to customers, if necessary and will help in troubleshooting your broker.

This news will be updated as new information becomes available... 



One of our clients managed to install the MT4 terminal, but when trying to reinstall it, the error appears again. Thus, the problem disappears and reappears, this indicates issues on the broker's servers.


Monday, June 22, 2020

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