KYC Customer Verification Policy

KYC Customer Verification Policy for "WIN-VPS.COM"
dated of March 07, 2019

Last updated on November 01, 2021

This KYC Customer Verification Policy (hereinafter - the "KYC Customer Verification Policy") is the annex to the Agreement (hereinafter - the "Agreement") and an official document of the operator (hereinafter - the "Operator") of the website "WIN-VPS.COM", which contains and defines the procedure for Customer Verification (KYC) on request of the Operator regarding individuals and entities (hereinafter - the "Customer") who are interested in purchasing or using the Electronic Services provided by the Operator on the website "WIN-VPS.COM" (hereinafter - the "Website").

  • The Operator is proud of its focus on compliance and good standing as hosting provider, which is why the Operator applies the Know Your Customer (KYC) process when registering for a new Customer account. In most cases the Operator uses state of the art technology in order to quickly and automatically verify the Customer's details.
  • The KYC Customer Verification is carried out for the following purposes:
    • to comply with tax and other laws of Estonia, the European Union and other countries;
    • to meet money anti-laundering and other regulations to stop criminals from using the Operator's services for their own benefit;
    • to implement the recommendations and requirements of payment processors and financial institutions;
    • to prevent cybercriminals from accessing and utilizing the Operator's services;
    • to successfully block fraudulent orders made by cybercriminals and to prevent chargebacks because of such orders;
    • to protect the Operator's customers from “bad neighbors” who may try to hack the Operator's customers’ servers or sniff traffic to get important data (for example, logins and passwords);
    • to prevent blacklisting of the Operator's IP ranges (because of cybercriminals’ activity) to make better indexation of the Operator's customers’ websites in search engines;
    • to enable the Operator's customers to restore lost passwords and access to the Operator's services;
    • to prevent the use of the Internet by hackers, carders, fraudsters, spammers and other cybercriminals;
    • to make the Internet better and safer;
    • to be clean and safe place for the Customers’ software, projects, websites and other recources.
  • After registering for a new Customer account, the Customer's details have to be verified. The Customer have to make sure that the information the Customer provides to the Operator are up-to-date and accurate and that the Customer uses an active email address so that the Customer is able to communicate with the Operator. This will ensure a smooth KYC Customer Verification process and helps the Operator create a safe environment to prevent defaults, criminal activity, fraud and abuse of the Operator's services. The Customer's information the Customer submits to the Operator will be verified automatically fast track.
  • If the Operator is not able to verify the Customer's details automatically, the Operator may reach out to the Customer for more information via the ticket system, the email address and/or the phone number the Customer provided. This is a manual process for and additional verification which may include a verification of identity while contacting the Customer. The Customer may be required to provide additional information if the Operator has any questions with respect to the Customer's name or business name, business website URL, billing address, personal contact details and proof of identity, address, location and tax residence details.
  • The Operator may verify details of the existing Customer again. In this case, the Operator will give the Customer ample notice and opportunity to provide all the required information. In the the Agreement and the Terms of Service the Customer can read that the Operator request the Customer to keep the Operator updated on any changes in the Customer's account, personal or business details.
  • The Operator has the right to use any legitimate and reasonable procedures and methods to verify the identity of the Customer. In particular, the Customer agrees that the Operator may request photos of the Customer's identification documents (with closed numbers), the Customer's self-portrait photographs (selfies), photos of the Customer's utility bills, photos of documents confirming the Customer's consent to use the Operator's services and other documents that can confirm the identity of the Customer and the Customer's intention to use the services of the Operator.
  • By placing an order, the Customer consent that the Operator is applying its KYC Customer Verification procedure and shall process any personal data involved for this purpose. The Operator hereby has duly informed the Customer of the legitimate purpose and legal grounds for such consent.
  • In case of need of the additional verification, the Operator will submit within 3 hours (during business hours) the Operator's requirement for additional information to the Customer. After the Operator's request within this time frame, it depends on the Customer how soon the Customer can supply the Operator with such information and/or documents.
  • The Operator reserves a legitimate right to suspend or terminate the Customer's service if the Customer refuses to pass an additional verification and a verification of identity procedure within 48 hours after the Operator's request. Please also read the Operator's Refund Policy.
  • Since the Operator uses an automatic activation and deployment system to accelerate the provision of services to the Customers the Operator reserves the right to activate a service for a new Customer automatically but not to provide credentials for an activated service in order to prevent possible criminal activity and abuse of the Operator's services until a new Customer passes the verification of identity.
  • For more information on how the Operator processes any personal data, please read the Operator's Privacy Policy